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Nature loves to keep moving, even when it is static, so is the humans; at work, home, or at library. This seat gives the ability to move gently and smoothly while sitting sailing in your thoughts. It gives you the sense of motion.
The main inspiration came from understanding the geometry, the basic shapes and how strong they are creating a composition.
That guides to focus on those shapes separately. To feel the beauty of each one.
Noticing the big potential in lines, combining that with the human scale and functionality.


Schweben is a collection of hanged seats, a mix between geometry, functionality and simplicity.
Inspired by the Bauhaus movement basic elements and colors.
A simple re-presentation of the floating/hanging seats idea. Available in basic colors "red, blue and yellow", white and oak finish are both available as well.


The seat is made out of wood as a cover material. Structured by an inner/hidden metal bar to keep the strength and the shape, and for safety as well.
Designed to carry up to 150 kg. Seats are available in 3 main shapes "Square, Circle & Triangle", available in the main 3 colors "Blue, red & yellow", white is also available. Could be covered by oak layer to give the wooden feel to fit the interior style you wish to have.
Main challenges were creative and structural parts of the idea.
Creatively; how to show the beauty of a shape that we used to see within a composition of many shapes! How to make it more than just a "square" or a "circle"?

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