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Swing Chair (Circle)

Original price AED 6,500.00
Current price AED 5,500.00
SKU TB2002.1
Color: Wooden
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A piece of art to be added to your space, either for work or at home. Giving the feel of intimacy, smoothens and cosy. 

“Schweben” is a collection of hanged seats, a mix between functionality, simplicity and geometry. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement basic elements and colors. Schweben Seats are simple representation of the floating/hanging chairs idea. Available in basic colors "red, blue and yellow", white as well. And also available in oak finish.

Designed by the Architect Omar Idriss

This item is an official award winning design in 2019 in Italy.


1100 mm
Depth 100 mm, 300 mm
Thickness 35 mm